Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dragos Dascalu

lect. arch.Dragos Dascalu PhD.

Dragoș Dascălu, architect, teaching assistant, PhD, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. Part of the Architectural Design Studio team (3rd year) and in charge of the Sociology course (4th year) .

Dragoș graduated TU Cluj – FAU in 2010, and holds a PhD in Architecture since 2014. He has been a research intern in the ECO-Nomadic School Research project at the University of Sheffield. His main research interest is the complex relationship between architectural processes and social mechanisms. He is the author of the Arhitecturi Relationale (Relational architectures) book, published in 2016, focused on the way socially involved architectural processes build trust, introduce disequilibrium and use familiarity in order to stimulate social interactions. He was a columnist for the Romanian monthly cultural magazine, TIMPUL (The Time). He has been part of the Petrila Urban Regeneration project since 2012, focusing mainly on the local community’s social representations of the buildings of the mine, and on appropriation and participatory tactics.

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